health sciences research teamThe Office of Student Research (OSR) was established in 2005 to expand the opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in research and mentored scholarship at Appalachian State University.

Students who understand how discoveries are made in their chosen fields are well-prepared to address the unsolved problems of the future. The OSR has a variety of resources, including financial support, to help research become a distinctive feature of the undergraduate and graduate experience at Appalachian.

For questions regarding the Office of Student Research, please use the Contacts List.

Our Mission

The Office of Student Research at Appalachian State University supports and promotes learning through mentored research experiences with Appalachian State faculty and other national and international scholars and professionals. We believe that these special collaborative relationships are among the most rewarding experiences for both faculty members and students.

Founding Advisory Board Members

The Office of Student Research would like to thank the founding members of the OSR Advisory Board for their willingness to invest their valuable time by serving in this capacity.

  • Dr. George Barthalmus, North Carolina State University
  • Dr. Nicole Bennett, Department of Chemistry
  • Ms. Shari Galiardi, Service Learning
  • Mr. David Huntley, Watauga Global Communities
  • Dr. Bob Johnson, Cratis D. Williams Graduate School
  • Dr. Lisa McAnulty, Department of Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Dr. Jeff McBride, Department of Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science
  • Dr. Ozzie Ostwalt, Department of Philosophy & Religion
  • Mr. Jay Sutton, Department of Athletics
  • Dr. Rahman Tashakkori, Department of Computer Science
  • Ms. Cindy Wallace, Division of Student Development
  • Dr. Mark Zrull, Department of Psychology

Current Advisory Board Members


  • Dr. Francois Amet, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Dr. Billy Armstrong, Geological and Environmental Sciences
  • Dr. Andrew Bellemer, Department of Biology
  • Dr. Erin Bouldin, Department of Public Health and Exercise Science
  • Dr. Mike Hambourger, Department of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences
  • Dr. Scott Marshall, Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
  • Dr. Randall Reed, Department of Philosophy and Religion
  • Dr. Mark Zrull, Department of Psychology
  • Dr. Kevin Zwetsloot, Department of Public Health and Exercise Science