Celebration of Student Research and Creative Endeavors

The Office of Student Research's 24th Annual Celebration of Student Research and Creative Endeavors Virtual 2021 Meeting was held on Thursday, April 15, 2021. Thanks to all students and Faculty Mentors who presented at our virtual event - it was a great success!

Our 2022 event will be held on Thursday, April 21, 2022 with a decision about the type of meeting (in-person or virtual) being made by December 2021.

Program for Research Day 2021 

Schedule of Presenters/Sessions for Research Day 2021 


If you have not attended a conference with ForagerOne you will need to register on their site - please use your App State email address to enter into the conference. Use this link  symposium.foragerone.com/celebration-student-research-creative-endeavors and create an account.  Once you create an account, you will receive a verification email from ForagerOne.  It will take you back to ForagerOne where you click on Symposium. Once on Symposium, search for Appalachian State to find our event and click on Register for our event using your App State email address.  

On this event, you can see all Poster and Oral presentations by clicking the Presentations link at the top of the page. These presentations consist of PDF’s and voiceovers for poster presentations and slide decks for oral presentations. You can use the check boxes along the left side to filter by session, presentation topic category, and presentation type. This is the easiest way to find specific sessions or topics. You can also search for specific authors or titles using the search bar at the top of the page. Once you select a presentation you can read the abstract, view the poster and/or video, and leave comments for the presenter.


Attendees can interact with presenters and ask questions using the "Comments" function on the presenter's page. There are no live sessions - all sessions are pre-recorded, however presenters can receive comments and are encouraged to respond to comments.   All interactions via comments are sent to the email addresses of those engaging in the conversation.


The Session Schedule and Annual Celebration program including a listing of presentations, and abstracts is available in the links listed above. 

We hope to “see” you at the Celebration!  

The Office of Student Research

Abstracts should follow the appropriate guidelines set in your discipline. All abstracts should be well-written and well-organized. Additionally, they must be supported by at least one Faculty Mentor. Students can only submit ONE abstract as the Lead Author. No late submissions will be accepted. Please proof your abstract for grammatical errors, correct spelling of names, title, and academic departments as OSR cannot edit or make changes to an abstract once it is submitted.

The event will be using a virtual platform (ForagerOne, https://foragerone.com) for all presentations. We encourage students to submit from all disciplines. In addition, we will accept students who are in the proposal stage and have not yet collected any data.

There will be three formats available, poster, oral and exhibit/performance/demonstration.

● Posters may include either a pdf or slides with the opportunity to include a short video description (video descriptions are encouraged!).

● Oral presentations include a pre-recorded video (e.g., pre-recorded powerpoint presentation).

● Exhibits, performances or demonstrations may submit up to two videos, one to explain or introduce their performance/exhibit and an additional video for the performance (e.g., art, music, dance).

Important Note: Presentations will not be live, however interaction with others using the comments section are available and encouraged. We will not be hosting the Student Research Poster Competition this year.

Our 23rd Annual Celebration of Student Research and Creative Endeavors was cancelled due to Covid-19; however, the prepared program is linked below:

While we were not able to move forward with the student poster competition held within our event for 2020, we were able to award the Undergraduate Research Mentorship Excellence Award for Faculty (https://osr.appstate.edu/awards).  So again, we thank all of the students and faculty for engaging in research and creative activities.  

Undergraduate Research Mentorship Excellence Award for Faculty 2020 Winners:

Dr. Howard Neufeld, Professor, Department of Biology

Dr. Megen Culpepper, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences

The Celebration showcases meaningful research in all disciplines by undergraduates and graduate students at Appalachian. In 2019, 172 students representing over 20 departments presented their results in either a performance, platform talk, or poster.

To Apply

Submit the Celebration of Student Research and Creative Endeavors Abstract Submission Form. Due to extreme scheduling constraints, students can only submit one abstract per year as lead author and we cannot accept any late submissions. The deadline for submissions was Monday, March 22, 2021 at 11:59 pm. Once all abstracts have been officially accepted, presentation upload information will be emailed to each presenter.

NOTE: Please make sure to diligently proof your entries on this form for grammatical errors, correct spelling of names, title, and academic departments for students and faculty. All data related to the Celebration of Student Research and Creative Endeavors is compiled electronically, directly from your abstract submission. We cannot edit or make any changes to an abstract once it has been submitted.

Student Research Poster Competition 

There will be NO Student Research Poster Competition for 2021 as our event is virtual. We look forward to our Poster Competition returning in 2022.

Students entering into the poster competition will have their abstract reviewed and the top 10 posters selected will be asked to present their poster. The top three posters in the undergraduate and graduate division will receive awards. Abstracts submitted for this competition should be those in which the student contributed a significant portion to the project (research question, design, procedures, analysis, and interpretation). Only the lead author will be eligible for the competition. Faculty reviewers are taken from various disciplines across campus.

Abstracts will be reviewed based upon the following:

  • Background/Rationale
  • Methods or approach to the question
  • Findings or Concluding statements
  • Scholarly impact

To be eligible you must be available and willing to make a brief 3-5 minute presentation of your poster to the Faculty review committee on the morning of the Annual Celebration of Student Research and Creative Endeavors. The top 10 posters in each division (graduate and undergraduate) will be asked to make presentations.

Presentations will be reviewed based upon the following:

  • Overall understanding of the project
  • Ability to answer questions on the project
  • Level of leadership /involvement in the project
  • Poster appearance

Awards will be presented at the start of the afternoon poster session.

Exhibiting Your Work

This year's event is virtual - please disregard the following info for 2021.

For platform talks or performances

You will have 15 minutes for talks and 5 minutes for questions. You will have at your disposal an IBM compatible computer for PowerPoint Presentations, and an overhead projector. If you have additional needs, please email us at osr@appstate.edu.

For poster presentations

Boards, easels and pushpins will be provided for your use. If possible, please limit your poster display to 4 ft (wide) X 4 ft (high). If you will need more space, please email us at osr@appstate.edu to be certain that we can accommodate your request.

Some Good Advice

Advice about writing an abstract or description, including information about how to obtain feedback on a draft of your abstract is available from the University Writing Center.