Fall 2017 Undergraduate Research Assistantship Recipients Announced

The Office of Student Research (OSR) would like to congratulate the recipients of our Fall 2017 Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA). A total of 20 Faculty/undergraduate teams representing 13 different departments were awarded URA’s totaling $ 20,000.00.  A complete list of Faculty, Academic Departments and undergraduate students is listed below.

For more information on OSR’s Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program please visit http://osr.appstate.edu/faculty/overview-undergraduate-research-assistantship-program

Undergraduate Research Assistantships

Fall 2017


Faculty Department


Brandy Bryson

Leadership and Educational Studies

Sarah Aldridge

Sarah Carmichael

Geological and Environmental Sciences

Allison Dombrowski

Gabriele Casale

Geological and Environmental Sciences

Cathleen Humm

Brooke Christian


Harrison Esterly

Jennifer Dalton

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Carly Stephens

Michael Gangloff


Michael Thompson

Andrew Heckert

Geological and Environmental Sciences

Nickolas Brand

Adam Hege

Health and Exercise Science

Margaret Bennett

Benjamin Hjertmann

School of Music

Brady Kennedy

Anatoli Ignatov

Sustainable Development

James Hedrick

Vicky Klima

Mathematical Sciences

Sergei Miles

Greg McClure

Curriculum and Instruction

Hayley McCulloch

Andrew Monroe


Megan Gillis

Chishimba Mowa


Jacob Gordon

Michael Opata


Margaret Smith

Dana Powell


Ricki Draper

Christopher Seitz

Health and Exercise Science

Lindsey Bearss

Nicholas Shaw


Angelina Azieva

James Sherman

Physics and Astronomy

Kaleb Brookshire

Rachel Smith

Physics and Astronomy

Nicholas Wright

Published: Sep 12, 2017 10:00am