Opportunities at Appalachian

The following research opportunities available to Appalachian students have been posted by our faculty. If you would like more information about a project, please contact the faculty listed.

Public Health and Climate Change: Continuous Monitoring of Individual Exposure to Cold Work Environments

Faculty Contact: Maggie Sugg

Email: kovachmm@appstate.edu

Type: Course Credit, Volunteer Basis, To be determined

URL: https://sites.google.com/appstate.edu/mmsugg/home

Date Posted: Nov 29, 2017

Available: Fall, Spring, Summer

Project Description: A Student Research Assistant position is available for a student researcher to work with the North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies in Raleigh, North Carolina and Department of Geography and Planning at ASU on the coordination and data collection for a short-term Cold Exposure Study in grounds management workers in the Spring of 2018. There is also an opportunity to continue working on the project for a summer 2017 Heat Exposure study in the same group of outdoor workers. College or graduate students who have a strong desire to enhance their research and analysis skills are invited to apply.

Students majoring in: All Majors

Investigating the mechanisms behind the establishment of private television sets in Iran with the tools of strengthening the economy of television media.

Faculty Contact: Bijan Choobineh

Email: bijan1977ch@gmail.com

Type: Course Credit

URL: -

Date Posted: Nov 01, 2017

Available: Fall, Spring, Summer

Project Description: The purpose of this study is to "investigate the mechanisms behind the establishment of private television in Iran" in fact, address the need to establish private television sets in Iran. The type of research on the nature of content will be content analysis, the method of studying is documentary and is in terms of applied purpose. The collection tool was partly a questionnaire. The number of questionnaires from this research is to collect information from social-political elites, 30 questionnaires. The validity of the research will be through the categorization of issues and the reliability of the research through a distributed questionnaire among the socio-political elites of the population of the mentioned 30 people. The main question of this study is: "Has the mechanism of private television set up in Iran been investigated? The research findings suggest that the following factors affect the ineffectiveness of domestic government television networks in Iran and are considered key factors: bureaucratic approaches, economic approaches, social approaches, political approaches, cultural approaches. The findings from the present study indicate that there is a small share of domestic TVs in the audience's attraction and satisfaction, as well as having 68 television networks.

Students majoring in: Communication